Own Your Dream Home Without Getting Finance: Real Estate with No Credit Checks

I and my associates advocate using real estate to amass wealth. The last thing we would ever recommend is to buy a large expensive property with the bank’s money for your own personal pleasure. That is not a dream home, it’s a ball and chain.

However, if your wish is to buy that large comfortable home and not use real estate for what God put it on this earth for (making millionaires) then, we can show you some initial ways to do that in this article. But you will need to explore further, so see the resource box below.

I am going to assume you have no money for a down payment and no possibility of passing a credit check by a commercial lending institution.

You are going to find the money to buy a simple contract called a purchase lease option agreement. (around $20)

Simply, this agreement gives you the option to buy a property that you have found, at some predetermined time in the future for a predetermined price. Of course, its an option, so if something goes wrong, you may simply decline the option and move on with your life.

Say for example you found the house you want. You know that every 7 years roughly Real estate doubles in value. (This is an industry standard) Your lease option is for 14 years.

What this means, is that you pay rent, living in this property, for the next 14 years. However, unlike a renter, you are responsible for the upkeep of the property and the other associated cost with owning this house.

The predetermined purchase price on the lease option is in today’s dollars with today’s values. In 14 years, or anytime before that, you can exercise your option to buy.

You dont exercise your option until a valuation is achieved of say double the value. Now any bank with a heart beat would be tripping over themselve, to give you finance to purchase that property and exercise your option without a single credit check. Your repayment history is enough and the equity you have in your home is plenty to satisfy any bank.

My very best to you.