Cash Flow Management Tips – How to Quickly Create a Real Estate Empire Like Banks

You ever wonder why, if you drive through the heart of any major city, when you look up at the skyline, you will always find a bank’s name at the very top of the tallest of buildings? Right or wrong, banks and other lending institutions have always profited off of society’s lack of understanding “the financial savings and loan system” and cash flow management secrets to get out of debt, increase equity, build assets and create wealth for themselves.

For instance have you thought about how the banks borrow your money as it sits in your checking and savings account and pay you less than 3% for using your money as cash flow, yet you will go to that same bank and apply for a credit card and you pay 28% or more to use their money as cash flow?

You see, we have been conditioned to bank like consumers and not bank like the bank. We have been conditioned to:

1. Use accounts that don’t earn interest (Checking account is a prime example)

2. Make payments that are mostly interest (mortgages, credit card, closed end loans, etc.)

3. Letting our money sit in low to non-interest earning savings accounts (savings, money market, etc.)

4. Use credit cards in a crisis – nowadays credit cards are used as cash in non crisis situation

It appears to me that what we’re perpetually being schooled to do with our money is most beneficial for the financial institutions. They have their earnings in the forefront of their advice to their customers. You and only you have your own best concern at heart so it is imperative for you to make the effort to understand banking principles, cash flow management strategies and concepts so you can do what the banks do, not what they tell you to do.

If you managed the cash flow of your real estate investments to acquire assets and build wealth like the banks manage the cash flow of their investments to acquire assets and build wealth, do you think you can build and empire and put your name on the top of the tallest of buildings? Heck yeah!

Banks have always used real estate cash flow management strategies different than general public knowledge to get out of debt, increase equity, build assets, create wealth and build real estate empires. You can use these same strategies to harvest the same results.

But you must first cast aside the conditional thinking and consumer banking strategies you are so accustomed to practicing. Managing your real estate cash flow like a consumer will only get you minimal success – if any success is reached at all. To apply cash flow management secrets for maximum success, you have to throw away your consumer banking hat and put on your bank banking hat. In other words, in order to get out of debt, increase equity, build assets, create wealth and build a real estate empire your kid’s kids will enjoy, you must learn to bank like a bank.