The Real Estate Market in Austin, Texas

With its enticing mix of affordability, amenities and high quality of life, Austin, Texas, is one of the top opportunities in the United States for great real estate deals. The city benefits from modest home prices as well as a wealth of local amenities and attractions all conveniently situated in the heart of Texas. Whether you’re a young professional looking for a starter home, a family, a retiree or anyone else in between, the Austin real estate market has plenty to offer.

Affordable Homes in a Wide Range of Choices

Austin boasts home prices well below the national average, making it a fantastic deal for recent college graduates, retirees and families alike. The city also enjoys competitive interest rates and one of the most stable housing markets in the nation, offering a safe investment even in troubled economic times.

Home choices in Austin are just as diverse and varied as the city itself. Single-family homes and modern townhouses abound in the city as do multifamily homes like duplexes and triplexes. Condos can also be found across the city, offering excellent amenities at reasonable prices. Whatever type of home you’re looking for, Austin is sure to have it at a great price.

Excellent Amenities and Attractions Contribute to High Quality of Life

In addition to its robust and highly affordable housing market, Austin also offers a wealth of amenities and attractions to enjoy. The city is also one of Texas’ most livable and friendliest cities.

Austin boasts excellent public and private schools as well as the flagship branch of the University of Texas. The city’s economy is vibrant and strong, anchored by growth sectors like technology, business, higher education, government and healthcare. Austin also boasts a world-class transportation infrastructure that includes major highways like Interstate 35, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and public transportation via the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Finally, the city offers a wide array of shops, restaurants and nightlife spots, a low crime rate and mild, sunny weather year round.

Attractions in the city of Austin include Zilker Park, the LBJ Presidential Library, the Austin Art Museum and the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. The city also prides itself as “The Live Music Capital of the World” and plays host to a multitude of festivals and community events such as the South by Southwest Music and Film Festivals, the Austin Film Festival, the Austin City Limits Festival and many more.

Austin: A Great Place to Buy Real Estate

With its affordable home prices, high livability and excellent amenities and attractions, Austin is one of the top real estate opportunities in Texas. From single-family homes to luxurious condos, the real estate options in this vibrant and lively Texas city are unmatched.

Homes for Sale – Preparing Real Estate for Viewing

It’s no secret that buying and selling real estate can be a stressful process, but that doesn’t mean steps can’t be taken to help everyone involved to relax a little. The huge financial decisions will always be there, as will the logistics of moving everything in and out, but we are all still human. Not everything is decided with the head alone.

For those selling their real estate, it’s important to remember that potential buyers will take notice of homes they instantly feel comfortable in. Knowing how to ease the stress of viewing a home when they visit yours is one of the most effective ways to sell quickly, which in turn means fewer headaches for you too.

Although the town of does enjoy the advantages of being community-spirited and perfect for first-time buyers, employing these three tricks of the trade designed to help de-stress those viewing your real estate will go a long way to helping you sell more quickly.

Stimulate the senses

How often have you found yourself transported back to another time or place simply by picking up a scent? Whether perfume, food or the natural fragrance of flowers in spring, our sense of smell has the uncanny ability to bring memories flooding back.

When creating a familiar atmosphere for those viewing your home, appealing to their nostrils will go a long way. Eliminating bad smells is common sense, but adding pleasant and home fragrances is just as important. Consider brewing fresh coffee ready for their arrival, baking a batch of brownies, or discreetly placing potpourri on windowsills throughout the home.

For visual stimulation and to reinforce the feeling of homeliness, a simple bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen or dining area can also be surprisingly effective.

Clean not clinical

While it goes without saying that cleanliness is paramount when presenting your home in a positive light, allowing viewers of your real estate to see how the property looks when lived in is advised.

This means that the property’s personality has to remain, rather than it being transformed into a soulless show home. Clothes and utensils should be put away into closets and cabinets, but any furniture, appliances or other belongings that are usually left out at all times should be allowed to remain.

People view real estate with their hearts as well as their heads, and allowing them to feel like they are buying a home rather than a house will go a long way towards completing the sale.

The right atmosphere

Creating the kind of atmosphere that will make potential buyers of your real estate keen to purchase is not a difficult task. Light and airy in the daytime and cosy in the evening is certainly a winner when it comes to making the right impression.

For daytime visits, make sure all the windows are clean to allow as much light in as possible and consider adding wall mirrors to help make rooms or hallways appear bigger and lighter. For evening visits, ensure all light bulbs are working, and consider placing lamps in any dark corners of rooms.

On colder evenings, lighting the fire is a great way to add coziness to the home, and adding pine cones is another way to bring an aroma for the benefit of those viewing your real estate.

Although nothing can guarantee a quick and easy sale of your real estate, employing these ideas can help those viewing it to feel at home straight away. This will in turn increase the chances of them purchasing, meaning much less stress for you too in the long run.

The Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Vancouver’s False Creek

Vancouver’s False Creek is by far one of the city’s most sought after places to buy real estate in. False Creek is a small inlet which flows through the heart of downtown Vancouver after entering from English Bay. It separates downtown Vancouver from the rest of the city. It is spanned by three bridges and borders downtown Vancouver.

False Creek is the crown jewel of Vancouver. It is a great success story of modern urban planning. Visitors to False Bay cannot help but be impressed by the beauty and charm of the location while strolling through the area, gazing up at the high rise residential buildings and walking around the sea wall.

Over the past decade, the False Bay area has become a hot bed for high rise residential buildings and also some commercial infrastructure. It has become one of the most sought after places to buy Vancouver real estate. False Creek Real Estate has always been in high demand due to its location on the water front and its prime location as the separator of False Creektown and downtown Vancouver from the rest of the city. It is on the water front and is close to Broadway. It is ideal for shopping as well as transit, and is close to the police headquarters, which gives added peace of mind.

Some of the best places to buy real estate in Vancouver’s False Creek are:

1. Mariners Walk – Right on the waterfront at the lagoons, this is a great spot to buy Vancouver real estate. You get marina, mountain, and prime water views.

2. Moberly Road – This location is in the heart of False Creek. With a short walk to the Seawall, you can stroll around the area and enjoy the fabulous restaurants and cafes.

3. Spyglass Place – Another dream location on the waterfront. This neighbourhood overlooks the water and the North Shore Mountains.

4. Island Park Walk – This locality offers tranquil views of the marinas. It also overlooks the mountains and offers city views.

5. Wheelhouse Square – This is a turnkey area on the waterfront and has spectacular views of the creek with the city skyline in the background. One of the best places to buy real estate, without a doubt.

6. Pennyfarthing Drive – This beautiful, peaceful and tranquil neighbourhood has some of the best residential buildings. A great place to live in and escape from the bustle of the city.

7. Scantlings – Another great residential location in the heart of the suburb, Scantlings is a stone’s throw away from the Seawall.

False Creek is very popular as a boating area. Many activities such as canoeing, pleasure boating, and dragon boating take place here, and there are charter ships and public ferries as well. It is home to several boat rental facilities, paddling clubs as well as ten marinas that have berths for more than a thousand water craft. Hundreds of canoeists, kayakers, dragon boaters and rowing enthusiasts converge upon the creek every day.

On calm days, False Creek is an ideal place to lay anchor, although boaters should be advised that the westerly wind can be quite nippy during the winter and can tear through the creek at speeds exceeding 40 knots. You should drop your anchor in relatively shallow spots near the Cambie Street Bridge docks. As it is not a thoroughfare, you will not find boat traffic going through it. Boats are only found mooring or docking in the creek. It is easy to manoeuvre boats in the creek at speeds of up to one knot per hour.

Boaters seeking to stay for long in the creek can do so by moving their boats to one of the aforementioned marinas, after their allotted anchoring time has elapsed. Boaters looking to do so should contact the False Creek Welcome Centre before their arrival in order to commence the permit application process. The well managed anchoring and boat management process is one of the many features and benefits of boating in the creek.

The Southeast False Creek is named after its position in reference to the main creek inlet. The False Creek lands were once part of inter tidal marshland flats, and were subsequently converted into lands for industrial use. One of the main features of the Southeast False Creek area is that this area has Vancouver’s first renewable heating system. This system provides heat as well as hot water to all the area’s buildings and residents, including those in the newly built Olympic Village. This is North America’s first instance of heat being recovered from waste water and being used as the principal energy source for an urban neighborhood. False Creek real estate is a direct beneficiary of this facility.

The newly built Olympic Village is located at the south east end of False Creek. The Village is destined to house several thousand athletes as well as officials from all over the world, when the 2010 Winter Olympics take place in Vancouver. The Vancouver real estate market has received a shot in the arm due to the forthcoming Winter Olympics. Walking along the water in False Creek is a great experience, and living there is a dream come true.